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If you know me, you likely know much I love sharks. My favorite part of summer is when the Discovery Network airs shark shows all week long. This summer I will host my very first shark week party with my brother in law, Victor. He knows how to party and I sure know how to shark week! So as I prepare I will be sharing with you everything you need to celebrate. We will cover the outfits, snacks, decor, and some fun stuff for the kiddos. Happy Shark Week 2020!

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The funnest part about party planning is hopping on Pinterest for some inspiration. I love to see everyone’s creative ideas and DIY projects for any type of party. Pinterest has LOADS of ideas for the perfect shark week party and Amazon has everything you need for one-stop shopping!

Two Words: Inflatable coolers! A JAWSOME way to keep your drinks & snacks cool and keep the party flowing. The Inflatable shark buffet cooler is my favorite! It would be a great place to store a beautiful cheeseboard on top of the ice to keep your meats & cheeses fresh & cool.

Bites & Beverages

Let’s get into the food & drinks! I did all the searching on Pinterest for you. I picked out my favorite ideas for your feeding frenzy!

I’m loving these shark appetizers ideas from Jo and Sue over at joandsue.blogspot.com. What creative, fun, and healthy ways to feed your guests! I tried creating the watermelon shark at a family get together this past weekend, it turned out pretty good! You will have to use a vegetable peeler to remove some of the dark green watermelon rinds so you can cut out your teeth! I also suggest using a melon baller to get the watermelon out in nice little spheres. Pair your watermelon with other favorite fruits for a nice sweet treat!

As I wrote this article, I stumbled upon one of the coolest items on amazon, a shark sushi platter! This idea is so fun & sushi would be a great bite for guests at your shark week party! It’s totally JAWSOME!

We will be definitely be creating some fun shark week adult beverages. My brother in law will be making the blue “sharks in the water” drink, I will be making a red “chum in the water” drink! While we are still working out ingredients details for our drinks, peep these from Pinterest for some inspo of your own! I highly suggest having a case of Landshark and a couple limes on deck for beer lovers!

The kiddos will LOVE celebrating shark week too! Below are some fun ideas for snacks, drinks, and fun party favors. They all look so much fun to create and I am sure they wouldn’t mind helping with these fun snacks!

Be sure to pick up plenty of shark gummies! You can find them on Amazon or at a local grocery store in the candy aisle. They make great drink accessories for drinks. The kids will love these fun shark straws and the matching tableware for all their snacking needs!

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All the pretty hues of blue of this theme make me feel like I’m oceanside. Since many of us aren’t doing much traveling this summer, it’s time bring the beach to you! I love this beachy shark themed set up.

These cool blue metallic curtains and fun shark props would be great for a photo booth station! A fun activity for the whole family and all your guests.

Here is a list of some other fun decor!

Shark Wear |

Now that we have covered the food, drinks, and fun, let’s cover what to wear! Amazon has shark shirts for the whole family. I will probably go classic and snag a jaws shirt! I’ve linked some of my other shark week Amazon finds below.

Pumped |

Shark week is still over a week away so get pumped for the celebration by watching shark movies! Below are some of my favorites! You can either watch from prime video or purchase to keep!

Happy Shark Week!

Thank you for checking out my shark week blog post! I hope you found some great ideas to have your own celebration at home with friends and family. Head on over to sharkweek.com to grab official shark week gear & peep the weekly schedule to start planning your perfect shark week party!

Shark Week Amazon Essentials

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