February Cotton Candy Cover Page

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February’s cotton candy cover page is just too sweet for words! I love the whimsicalness of this design and the pretty pastel color theme. I decided to step outside the box a bit and do something that didn’t represent Valentine’s Day. I thought these little cotton candies were super sweet and a great representation of the month of February!

Believe it or not, these little cotton candies were quite the challenge! This was my first time drawing cotton candy and it was hard not to make them look like ice cream cones at first. Hopefully the colors will be a helpful giveaway! The cotton candies were created with my .005 micron pen for the wispy and lightness of the cotton candy. The color hues come from the 100 pack of the Crayola super thins. I’m still working on my lettering skills, most of this month’s focus was on the design!

I hope the bujo community has a creative and productive February! I’m looking forward to seeing all your designs! Here is a look back at February 2019’s heart theme design. Make sure to tag me on Pinterest or instagram if you try out this design!

Happy Creating!

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