January Evergreens

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Pine trees have always been very symbolic to me. They exist in some of my earliest memories. I grew up in a ranch style home in Oak Creek,Wisconsin. Behind our house was a large wooded area full of paths, ponds, and forestry. In our backyard just before the woods, three pine trees stood proudly in a row. One Christmas my dad decided to pull a Clark Griswold and cut down the middle one to use as our Christmas tree. It created a nice open view of the woods where deer and other animals would peek out every once in awhile.

This memory and my fondness of pine trees was the inspiration behind January 2020’s cover page in my bullet journal! I wanted the first cover page of the year and decade to include something that was meaningful and symbolic to me. While the design is simple, those little trees make quite a statement and the accent of washi tape adds refinement. I used my trusty Le Pen for the lettering and outlining of the trees. The green hues are created with Crayola Super Tips!

I hope the new year is off to an adventurous start! I am anxious to see all the designs the bullet journaling community will create in 2020! 

Happy Creating!

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