Panda March Cover Page

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Hola bullet journalers & subscribers! March’s cover page is playful and fun with these cute little panda faces! Pandas are one of my favorite animals so this design was a joy to create. March is also my birthday month! I’m super excited to celebrate another year of life doing all the creative things I love, cheers to 31!

I went back to my dotted fabriano journal for this cover page. I needed some guides to plan out where the pandas were going to be placed. I included the bamboo leaves for a pop of green to celebrate the arrival of Spring & St. Patty’s day. I am from the midwest & we love to celebrate this jolly green holiday! I have received a lot of requests on my instagram page to start a YouTube channel or make tutorials on how I create my designs. This month I tried recording as I created this cover page. Check out the process in the short video clip below. I promise to work on my video editing skills!

I started this cover by using a mechanical pencil to outline my pandas and leaves. I used stencils to help me create perfect circles and and a consistent leaf pattern. For the outlining of the pandas and the leaves I used my 005 micron pen, I used the 01 micron to color in the pandas faces and ears. The green hue is from my crayola supertip 100 pack.

Check out the video below!

I hope March is a creative month for the bujo community! I can’t wait to see all your designs! Please tag me on instagram if you recreate any of my designs. I loved all your versions of the February’s cotton candy cover page! Here is a look back at my March 2019 cover page design.

Happy Creating!

Check out my list of bullet journaling Amazon essentials!

  • Prisma colored pencils, simply the best.
  • Pentel GraphGear 500 .03 mechanical pencil.
  • Arteza Real Brush new favorites! Soft tip nylon brush pens, when you add water it gives an awesome watercolor effect!
  • Fabriano journals are my favorite! The soft paper allows any pen or marker to glide easily.
  • If you are new to bullet journaling, I recommend paper pads by Kelly Creates. She has grid ones that help with lettering and dotted ones that help with doodling!
  • Micron pens and brush markers are a must-have in your bujo supplies!
  • I recommend the prisma hand lettering set of markers for those getting serious about lettering.
  • Crayola supertips are also a must-have! I have the 100 ct box that comes with all the colors you need.
  • Midliner highlighters are very buildable and blend easily as well.
  • Washi tape always comes in handy, especially when you make a mistake.
  • White Gelly Roll pens to help accent and add definition to your lettering or designs!
  • Le Pen is a fancy little pen I just love using! It moves effortlessly across the page creating smooth and crisp lines!

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