October Leaves

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Happy Fall y’all! October is finally here & I’m definitely ready for all that it will bring. This is the busiest month of the year for me so I thought I should keep with that theme for this month’s cover page. As soon as I started sketching this design, I knew it was going to be one of my all time favorites! The design was inspired by a Wisconsin forest floor during the fall. When I’m walking my dog or out photographing, the ground often looks just like this, decorated with colorful leaves, nuts, and branches.

I really had no plan in mind when creating this design, I just let my pen guide the way. I knew I wanted to include a variety of leaves in different shapes, sizes and colors. I included the acorns because I always see the squirrels munchin’ on them in the morning. They add the cutest touch to this cover page. As always, my design was created in my Fabriano journal. These journals come in all sorts of fun colors! You can also choose to get the paper dotted, graphed, or blank. My favorite pencil to use to sketch out my designs is the Pentel GraphGear 500. I highly suggest buying the set so you can choose which lead width you prefer.

Once I was finished with the sketch of the design, I outlined the leaves + nuts + other details with my 005 prismacolor pen from the hand lettering pen set. I brought in the fall color hues using my prismacolor colored pencils. These pencils are the best if you’re looking to blend and build color like I did for the leaves on this cover page. Once I finished outlining and coloring the design, I headed to my backyard to photograph it. The ground was decorated with fall foliage, just like my design. This cover page is definitely one to remember!

Thank you for checking out October’s cover page in my bullet journal! Please keep tagging me in your recreated designs, I always look forward to seeing them! Here is a look back at years’ past cover pages for October in my bullet journal.

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