Sweet September Macaroons

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Happy September! This month is always so bittersweet. I’m not ready to see summer go but I’m also really anticipating fall. So, I decided September’s theme was going to be as sweet as can be & nothing is sweeter to me than brightly colored macaroons. They are one of my favorite treats any time of the year. If you have never tried them, you must! They are delicate little deserts that come in all flavors, some of my favorite flavors are: red velvet, pistachio, and birthday cake. You can most likely find them at your local bakery, otherwise I have discovered Target sells them in the frozen section, yum!

All of my designs are created in Fabriano journals. I love the softness & strength of the paper. It’s very forgiving if you need to erase a lot. They come in all sorts of fun colors & you can choose blank, dotted, or grid styled pages. I used my Pentel GraphGear 500 mechanical pencil for the outline of this design. These mechanical pencils have a bit of weight to the tip of them which makes drawing much simpler.

These cute little macaroons were fun to draw but also a challenge! I was finding a lot of inconsistency in the shapes of my macaroons, so I decided to draw one I really liked and used it as a stencil for the rest. I was much happier with the final look and the consistency of all the macaroons. I used my Fine Touch colored pencils for the colors of the macaroons. These colored pencils sets have a large variety of unique color hues to choose from. I purchased my set from Hobby Lobby. I absolutely adore how this design turned out!

Thanks for checking out September’s cover page in my bullet journal! I hope your plans for the last couple weeks of summer are filled with lots sweet moments. I’m excited to see what this new month will bring, happy planning! Keep tagging me on your recreated designs, I love to see the inspiration. Here is a look back at past years September cover pages.

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Happy Creating!

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