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Recently I turned 30 & the growing pains are seriously setting in. I am starting to get anxious! Anxious for change, anxious for better weather (if your from the midwest) and anxious for new inspiration. I have so many new ideas and projects I want to start, but I never know just where to begin. I always look to women fearlessly leading their lives to get my inspiration flowing. This weekend I am channeling all things growth and empowerment. I’m diving into Rachel Hollis’s new read, Girl Wash Your Face.

This Weekend Essentials
Photo by: Stephanie Amaya

I have seen this book all over my social media the last few weeks, and I was lucky enough to receive it from my husband as a birthday gift! This year has definitely been filled with making important decisions, setting goals, and growth. I can’t wait to connect with yet another fearless female steering life in the only direction to go; forward.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this read & how it has inspired you in your life! Post a comment below, let’s compare thoughts!

Go ahead and snag yourself a copy!

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