April Showers, May Flowers

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Lilacs. The very smell of them teleport me back to when I was an elementary school kid walking home from the bus stop. I was always in awe at the sight of them. I loved the pastel purple petals and how they were delicately sprinkled on the grass. The smell of them always meant one thing; Spring.

If you’re from the Midwest, Spring is something we’re all craving. Winter came late this year and boy did it ever show up! Two snow days and three cold days in the span of two weeks, gave us here in Milwaukee five days off from school. We saw several feet of snow and wind chills that brought temperatures to a bitter -40º! BRRRR! To say the least, we are all needing some serious sun rays, warmer weather, and me personally, the sweet smell of lilacs.

For those of you that bullet journal, I’ve created this beautiful April cover page. I used assorted shades of purple Crayola super tips and green washi tape for accent. I hope you love it and find some inspiration for your bullet journal this April.

Bullet Journalist: Stephanie Amaya

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Hey! I'm Stephanie Amaya, lifestyle blogger and photographer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! I blog about the life I love living and inspire other's to live their best life too! What Stephanie Loves is a creative space where I can blog about and share my latest inspirations.

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