Holiday Truck December Cover Page

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Happy December! This cover page may just be my favorite one I created this year. This holiday season I have been quite obsessed with the red holiday truck aesthetic. It is the theme of my holiday mini photoshoots for my photography business. It is also the theme of all the Christmas decor I have been lugging home from my frequent Target trips. I am looking forward to soaking up the holiday season & preparing for the new year!

This design was completely freehanded which is why each truck’s appearance is a little different. All of my designs are created in a Fabriano journal. I begin each design using a Papermate mechanical pencil & clean up any mistakes with a Blum soap eraser. The colors in this design were achieved using a mix of markers & colored pencils. I used markers from my Crayola super tips set to outline my red trucks and my green pine trees. I filled in my trucks and trees with Prisma colored pencils for a more rustic & textured look.

I’m so happy with how this cover page turned out. It was so fun & easy to create! As always, I photograph my design & pop them into photoshop for some refining. I decided to use a fun font in photoshop for the lettering of December since I wasn’t happy with the original lettering I created. I am glad I made that decision.

Thanks for checking out my December 2020 cover page! I can’t wait to check out what the bujo community is inspired by for the last month of 2020! Please keep tagging me in your recreations of my designs. I love to see your versions of my creations!

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Happy Creating!

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