July Lilypads cover page

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Summer is here! July’s cover page features adorable green lily pads! Whenever I come across them, they remind me of summer fishing trips with my family. I’ve been fishing almost every summer since I was little. Now that I’m older nothing has changed! I still make a special summer trip to visit my parents & go fishing with my dad.

Lily pads are the cutest reminder that summer is officially here to stick around for a while. I always thought they were a magical sight to see! I remember being fascinated with the way they floated above the water. I always loved the water lilies, the flowers that bloom in a group of lily pads. Other than being a pretty aquatic plant, lily pads are super essential to the habitats of the fish and reptiles that live in the ponds where they grow.

This design was SO simple to create. I drew out this whole design with my Pentel GraphGear mechanical pencil. I enjoy the weight of this pencil being mostly at the tip! I used circular stencils to create various sizes of lily pads. Stencils are a great to incorporate shapes and other design elements into your bujo. The placement of the lily pads was completely random, wherever my pencil went was alright with me! I added a couple purple water lilies for some pops of color. I always like to fill in negative white space on the page with little details like dots, stars, hearts etc.

After I photographed my design I popped it into photoshop for some cleaning up, color enhancement and for the lettering of July. I just loved how this font fit right in with the lily pads. Thanks for checking out this July’s cover page in my bullet journal. Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think! Here is a look back at past July cover pages.

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