March Balloon Bouquet Cover Page

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Happy March! My birthday month has finally arrived and I am stoked! I have a busy month ahead of me but I have been keeping up with all my journaling & staying organized.

For this month’s design I stayed with the bouquet theme I started at the beginning of the year, only this month it is a bouquet of balloons! I am celebrating turning 32 years young this year so I definitely had my birthday in mind when looking for inspo for March’s cover page. I thought the balloons were a great opportunity to incorporate some mandalas into the design.

This cover page was very simple to create, I free-handed the whole design. I create all my bullet journal designs in Fabriano Journals & they are definitely worth checking out! The journals come in all different fun colors & the paper is magical to drawn on. I use .07 mm Papermate mechanical pencils to begin all of my designs and fix all my mistakes with a Blum soap eraser. For the black outline of the design, I used my .005 & .01 micron pens for the balloons and little details throughout the design.

When I finished outlining the design, I photographed it and opened it up in photoshop for some final touches. I decided to add the blush color tones in photoshop as well because I didn’t have a marker with the specific color I was going for. I also used my go-to font for the lettering of March. I think this design is so cute & it was so fun to create. I’m looking forward to seeing what designs everyone is inspired by this March!

Here is a look back at previous year’s cover pages for March in my bullet journal! Please keep tagging me in your recreated designs, I love to see the inspiration.

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Happy Creating!

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