Dana’s Flannel Fling Before The Ring

Life | Sheboygan, WI.

Finally, the weekend had come, a bunch of bitches, a bunch of fun. All gathered in honor of the bride to be, Dana Dickmann (you know she’s getting that D)! We danced, we drank, and the cops were called, from what I remember we had a ball! The music was bumpin’, drinks were flowin’, Dana was smilin’ & always glowin’. Congratulations, to our beautiful bride, every single one of our friendships is such a treasure, we hope you enjoy the same Dickmann forever!

Congratulations Dana! We love you SO much! You are going to be such a gorgeous bride.

Now for a lovely recap of Dana’s Flannel Fling Before The Ring!

Home for the Weekend |

A beautiful Lakehouse Air B&B located in Sheboygan, WI, was our cozy home for the weekend. It had an ample amount of space, artsy decor, and awesome views of the lake. We spent most of our time lounging & watching horror movies & eating snacks in the kitchen (when we weren’t raising hell, of course!).

Engaged AF |

The engagement decor was on point! Dana’s flannel theme was perfect for a cozy fall girls weekend. Her mom, sister, and sister in-law did a great job making everything look perfect for Dana’s arrival. All the girls did a fabulous job contributing to help make Dana’s bachelorette weekend everything she dreamed it would be!

Bars, Bars, Bars |

Since going to the bars isn’t really a thing anymore, the bars were brought to us! Featured bars this weekend included: Hot Chocolate Bar, Bloody Mary Bar, S’mores Bar, and of course, the cocktail bar! Not pictured was a hangover station that had everything we needed to cure those nasty hangovers!

Bride Tribe |

The peanut butter whiskey was going down too easy next to the cozy bonfire & the warm lake breeze. All the girls were having so much fun in our plaid p.j. pants. The Horror movies were playing 24/7 & Eduardo was always near. After some drinks, it was photoshoot time. We had a great time using the self-timer to take these fun group pictures.

Pretty soon it was time for the bride tribe to go to bed & just when we were about to do so, the cops came instead. So we invited them in, Dana asked, “Are you my strippers?” We all had a great laugh, took a pic, and sent them on their way, it was time to get our sleep to continue the party the next day!

Flannel Fling Cont’d |

We woke up the next day to a lovely breakfast spread. We watched scary movies, ate snacks & relaxed all day. But soon part 2 of the flannel fling would begin. Dana had some more girls come to join the party & once she put her veil on the party definitely got started!

We started the night with a round of shots, we played bachelorette games, & danced the Macarena! All the girls were having a blast & the night was definitely going by too fast! Luckily this time around the cops did not get called. This girls weekend was something we all needed!

The Moms |

Shout out to the moms, they surely had a blast! They helped so much making everything just right for this bachelorette weekend!

We Love you Dana!

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