Spring in Bloom Aesthetics

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Spring is in bloom and there is something about it this year that is much more beautiful than all the years before. Perhaps life has slowed down so much we actually notice the small but beautiful details that surround us. Spring is becoming one of my favorite seasons of the year. The season brings about blooming, growing and adventure.

I have been spending much more time in nature since quarantine began. I start every morning with a walk in nature, rain or shine. This has been my routine for many years, but it wasn’t until recently that I began truly appreciating being surrounded by nature. I enjoy all of nature’s mysteries, there is always something new to discover if you seek it.

Secret Garden

Chic Shadows


Golden Hour

Model: Brigett

A BIG thank you to my gorgeous friend Brigett. She totally brought my Spring Aesthetics shoot to life with her looks and outfits. This was such a great collab! Not to mention it was a picture perfect day with the sweetest light that poured through my lens throughout the evening. I am so happy with how these photos turned out! You can shop her looks below & follow her on social media.

Shop Brigett’s Look #1

Shop Brigett’s Look #2

Shop My Camera Bag

  • I used my canon 80D for this photoshoot. A very precise and operable camera perfect to carry out any creative vision!
  • My canon 85 mm 1.8 prime lens is my go to lens, it produces the creamiest backgrounds. This is a lens you need in your camera bag!
  • I consider my canon 24-70 mm 2.8 zoom lens to be my power house lens. Perfect for any situation!
  • Every photographer should own a gray/white balance card. These help white balance and correct exposure.
  • An external flash comes in handy whenever your in a low light or high sun situation!
  • I always have extra SD cards in my bag, I prefer to use ones with high transfer speeds.
  • Extra batteries for your flash are a necessity!
  • I love a good camera back pack with a lot of compartments!

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Hey! I'm Stephanie Amaya, photography blogger from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! I blog about the life I love living and inspire others to live their best life too! What Stephanie Loves is a creative space where I can blog about and share my latest inspirations.

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