Blooming Buds May Cover Page

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Happy May! These are surely some unique times we are living in. I hope you are are well & staying safe at home. My bullet journal and planning has looked a lot different these past couple months. I’ve been learning to enjoy the slow pace of life and develop new routines. I have way more time to be creative nowadays. I’ve also been spending a lot of time outdoors, going for family walks and welcoming spring!

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year to photograph nature. This months cover page was inspired by all the little floral buds we have been seeing on the trees during our family walks! They only appear for short period of time so I was inspired to create them for May’s theme in my bullet journal.

I used my go to supplies for this cover page. My 005 micron pen allows me to make super thin lines for the dainty flower buds and little leafs. The purple and green color hues are from my Crayola super thins 100 pack. I have to say I love this color duo! I often incorporatie washi tape into my designs to add some linear structure. Washi tape is tons of fun & a great way to accent your designs.

Thanks for checking out my May 2020 cover page. I enjoy a simple organized design! I am looking forward to see everyone’s designs & creativity this May. Please keep tagging me in your recreated designs! I love to see other’s inspirations.

I am looking for members to join a bullet journal facebook group. We share designs, product alerts and support one another’s social medias. Click the join button below if you’re interested in joining. We look forward to seeing you in our bujo community ūüôā

Happy Creating!

Here’s a look back at May 2019 Mexican Tile Cover Page!

Check out my list of bullet journaling Amazon essentials!

  • Prisma colored pencils, simply the best.
  • Pentel GraphGear 500 .03 mechanical pencil.
  • Arteza Real Brush new favorites! Soft tip nylon brush pens, when you add water it gives an awesome watercolor effect!
  • Fabriano journals¬†are my favorite! The soft paper allows any pen or marker to glide easily.
  • If you are new to bullet journaling, I recommend¬†paper pads by Kelly Creates. She has¬†grid¬†ones that help with lettering and¬†dotted¬†ones that help with doodling!
  • Micron pens¬†and¬†brush markers¬†are a must-have in your bujo supplies!
  • I recommend the¬†prisma hand lettering¬†set of markers for those getting serious about lettering.
  • Crayola supertips¬†are also a must-have! I have the 100 ct box that comes with all the colors you need.
  • Midliner highlighters¬†are very buildable and blend easily as well.
  • Washi tape¬†always comes in handy, especially when you make a mistake.
  • White¬†Gelly Roll¬†pens to help accent and add definition to your lettering or designs!
  • Le Pen¬†is a fancy little pen I just love using! It moves effortlessly across the page creating smooth and crisp lines!

One thought on “Blooming Buds May Cover Page

  1. Oh, that is super duper cute! I love it. Will try out something similar, with blue flowers, tonight, for my own bujo. Thanks for sharing, it certainly inspires me. ^_^


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