Monarch Butterflies October Cover Page

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Monarch Butterflies! October’s Cover Page is inspired by and dedicated to my Grandpa. He loved butterflies and collected preserved ones that I now have in my home. He passed many years ago, but whenever I see butterflies, I always feel like it’s my Grandpa paying me a happy visit!

I have been seeing an abundance of monarch butterflies lately which for me is quite symbolic. The butterfly represents great transformation and personal growth. For the last year, I have been on this personal journey of growth, self-love, and happiness! With every journey, there are highs and lows and lately it seems like the lows have been very overwhelming. But, whenever I see a butterfly, I am reminded of my grandpa, and I remember to stay strong, stay true, and stay focused!

This month’s design was quite challenging. Monarch butterflies are very detailed! I took a break from colored markers for this month’s design and brought out my prisma colored pencils. This entire design was actually created using prisma products! You can read more about my favorite bullet journaling supplies below!

I’m looking forward to seeing what the bullet journaling community is inspired by this fall!

Happy Planning!

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