Bullet Journal Collection

Welcome! This blog post features some of my best bullet journaling work!

Art |

I started to seriously get into bullet journaling April of 2018. I had always been good at drawing, loved doodling, and always kept a planner! Bullet journaling was just the creative outlet I had been needing! I created this seasonal cover page last year, I love just the green plants and pretty pottery! The bright colors remind me of walking through the street markets in Mexico! I used Crayola Super Tips and Prisma Pens to create this Summer 2018 cover page!

Cover Pages |

These are my favorite cover pages from July of 2018 through April of 2019. I always enjoy looking back at my work to see my progress and inspiration! I used a variety of tools to create these pages, you can read more about them at the bottom of this post!

Trackers | Swatches

I love creating tracker and swatch pages in my bullet journal! These bonus pages come in handy when I want to try out new materials and the possibilities are endless!

Check out my list of bullet journaling Amazon essentials!

Happy Planning!

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Hey! I'm Stephanie Amaya, photography blogger from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! I blog about the life I love living and inspire others to live their best life too! What Stephanie Loves is a creative space where I can blog about and share my latest inspirations.

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