Tropical Leaves August Cover Page

Art |

Most of my inspiration for my bullet journal comes from the things I am surrounded by. August’s cover page features tropical leaves in pretty green hues. It just happens to be inspired by my new swimsuit! I’ve also had a tropical vacay on my mind.

I hope this month you take a moment to look at the things you choose to surround yourself with. It’s amazing how much inspiration is waiting to be discovered!

I used a variety of tools to create this awesome cover page! For the August lettering I used thicker Prisma markers from the hand lettering set. I love the variety of markers you get in this set! I used several different markers for the leaves to get multiple hues of green. For the mossy green color I used a Midliner highlighter. These are my absolute favorite! The markers come with a fine and bold tip. They also blend and build very well! The more vibrant greens are Crayola Supertips. Lastly, the blueish green hue comes from the green marker in the Micron colored brush set. This design was quick and simple and lots of fun! It has great potential for fun weekly spreads and trackers!

Happy Planning!

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