An Elegant Courthouse Wedding in Chicago

Photography |

Chicago, Illinois. May 18, 2019 •

Last weekend I photographed my first wedding in the windy city. My excitement was through the roof when I was approached with this amazing opportunity. The last time I visited Chicago I was on a mini-moon with my husband days after our wedding in August of 2017. We had an amazing time exploring the city! We totally fell in love with the architecture, food, drinks and people. I couldn’t wait to return to capture all the magical moments of the bride & groom’s big day!

Jess & Bryon decided to elope from Milwaukee to Chicago for an intimate wedding with their closest friends and family. It was a perfect day for a wedding! We started the day with a first look in the lobby of the beautiful Hotel Monaco which provided an elegant ambiance for the grooms first look at his stunning bride!

After the first look, family and friends continued to join & arrive in town. Jess and Bryon were surrounded by friends and family who came to celebrate their special day. I grabbed some beautiful shots of the happy couple as the guests mingled. The bride’s daughter Alanna was as joyful as could be on mommy’s big day!

Next we headed outside to get some fun shots of the bride and groom before we headed to the courthouse for the I do’s. Jameson made an appearance, of course!

On the walk to the courthouse, laughter, smiles, and conversations filled the air! All the guests got a chance to know each other and shared stories about Jess and Bryon. It was a glorious 80º out, which for us here in the midwest was a real treat, considering it was 45º and rainy just 12 hours prior.

At the Courthouse |

We arrived at the courthouse and were greeted by about a dozen other brides and grooms ready to tie the knot. Although the line wrapped around the building, love radiated amongst the groups of family and friends who gathered for a special day.

As our group gladly held our place in line, we snuck away for some amazing photos around the the building. These were tricky to shoot because believe it or not, the lights were off and we were shooting in very low light. The only lighting was from my external flash and some low yellow lighting from the windows of the rooms we passed. The low lighting actually brought quite an elegant gold hue to these shots!

Natural Light |

We stepped out of the dark hallways of the courthouse into some natural sunlight pouring into the front of the building. You could see the excitement growing between Jess and Bryon as they were getting closer to saying their I do’s!

The Bride |

I had to get some shots of Jess in this natural light. She was absolutely stunning in her bridal gown. That pop of red on her lips was servin’ up some serious editorial vibes.

We rejoined our group and still had some waiting to do until the big moment. We had tons of fun with family, friends, and FANS! It was so much fun watching Jess and Bryon interact. Their love is definitely something special!

At last, the moment came for Jess and Bryon to pledge their love. We gathered around them to witness their beautiful moment. Time seemed to stand still as they smiled and gazed into each other’s eyes. Alanna was all smiles right by their side!

Cheers |

After the I do’s, we headed back to the Hotel Monaco to gather and have brunch at the lovely Fisk & Co. The staff did such an excellent job taking care of our group. We enjoyed delicious champagne followed by brunch & cocktails. What a lovely way to end the afternoon. It was an absolute honor to capture these moments that they will remember for the rest of their lives!

Fisk & Co. |

Congratulations Jess & Bryon!

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