Blue Mexican Tiles

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May’s cover page in my bullet journal is inspired by my first trip out of the country to Mazatlan, Mexico!

May Cover Page

While I was more than excited to see the ocean for the first time, I fell in love with the mercados de Mazatlan! Between brightly colored buildings were hundreds of vendors selling homemade fabrics, pottery & jewelry. Artists were painting stunning images with their hands. The smell of carnitas and tortillas filled the air! Fresh seafood and vegetables stands were at every corner. Colorful paper flags decorated the bright blue sky.

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But, there was one thing that caught my eye no matter what corner I turned or door I entered; blue Mexican tiles. Hand painted tiles with the most delicate designs. The color was always a deep blue, just like the Pacific shoreline of Mazatlan. The culture here was so rich, the art and decor was so breathtaking. I dream of one day having a kitchen filled with those beautiful blue tiles!

I hope May is beautiful and inspiring for all of you! This will definitely be a goal orientated month! There is so much creative inspiration flowing in my veins. Happy Planning!


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