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A couple weeks ago, I saw the movie Us. Now, I like to consider myself a horror movie connoisseur, but this movie left me puzzled. After seeing the trailer for the first time, my expectations of Us was that it would be similar to the 2008 American horror film, The Strangers. To my surprise, the two movies were nothing to compare. When the movie ended, I thought, well nothing….But as the days passed, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I kept thinking about all the symbolism, the theme of duality, the characters immunity to violence/murder, the humor, and the twist at the end I did NOT see coming.

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Us is definitely not a predictable horror film. This film was brilliant in its entirety. It will definitely have you on your feet AND questioning what lurks beneath them. There’s loads of mind boggling substance, a ton of 1980s references and easter eggs throughout the film. It’s been weeks & I’m still thinking about the movie. In fact, I wouldn’t mind paying the ridiculous theater price for the whole experience all over again (but skip the popcorn; gut rot). Jordan Peele is becoming one of my favorite movie producers. His latest films confront social society with a whole new level of horror & I’m totally here for it.


Is there is a tantalizing shift happening in horror? Remember the masked psycho path that escaped from a mental institution? The bladed fingered freak that brought havoc to the dreamworlds of adolescents? How about the machete murdering camp kid with some serious mama issues? These villains reckoned a path of slain destruction as they sought revenge on the very souls that made them the monsters they are.

The very thought of being the unlucky SOB to ever cross paths with one of these monsters terrorizes me beyond belief. But, the thought of running into my own deranged doppleganger or dare I say tethered version of myself, is enough to make me question my own reflection. After all, they do say everyone has a doppleganger somewhere out there, or should I say DOWN there. Speaking of, what’s with those underground tunnels that stretch across the U.S.? It makes me wonder about those people who mysteriously “vanish.” Apparently in New York City, there is a society of mole people that live in the nooks and crannies beneath the city.

The way this movie had my mind twisting and turning, day after day, is why I am a true fan of horror.

Stephanie Amaya

If you saw the movie Us, you likely have tons of theories running through your head too. A friend of mine who shares the same fondness of horror (although he is a little more hardcore gore than me) shared this article that compiles some of Reddit’s wildest theories about the film. It’s totally worth the read. If you’re more of a visual unpacker, you’ll appreciate this video.

What’s next for horror?

One thing is for sure, as long as Jordan Peele is in the director’s seat, we can expect to remain in constant fear of our own inner monsters. I for one, am anticipating a video game being attached to the Us franchise. I can already imagine how this film sets the stage for a sick zombies map ft. the members of the Wilson family vs. their tethered dopple zombies. Better sharpen your shears!

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Us will be available for purchase on Amazon Prime on June 4, 2019.

You can also pre-order your copy of the dvd here.

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